Saturday, March 14, 2009

Irene Willey item 1

These items of family history of my cousin, Irene Willey Andersenn, were passed on to me from my mother and father. Irene died the year after I was born. Her mother, my aunt Mareeda, was my father's oldest sister.


Toronto Yardsaler said...

Hello Jennifer,
I posted this reply on my blog, but I thought I'd send it to you directly as well. Hope you're doing well. I'll have to check out your various blogs later. They look interesting...
Believe it or not, I bought those attribute blocks at one of those giant book clearance centres in St. Catharines at a half-price Boxing Day sale. In Toronto, you should be able to get them at a teaching supplies store. My favourite is My Gifted Child on St.Clair (East) just west of Victoria Park. There are other stores such as Scholar's Choice, which has an outlet on Bayview (near Eglinton). If your children are in school and you have a good relationship with their teacher, you may ask him or her if they could order attribute blocks for you through the Scholastic Classroom Essentials catalogue. You may get a better price that way.
Hope that helps. Thanks for stopping by. I'll be adding more ideas for teaching kids on my Foolscap Flyer blog.

Nezzy said...

How very neat you have these treasures to go though and share with us. Thank you.

Ya'll have one terrifically blessed day now, ya hear!!!