Saturday, February 28, 2009

This is a poem that Irene's husband, Glenn Andersenn, wrote in memory of her. Glenn died in 1957 and they are both buried side by side in the Dudley Cemetery, Dudley, Noble County, Ohio. This is also where aunt Mareeda and uncle Ben are both buried.


This is a couple of pages of information that has been handed down in my family that helps us to learn a little about our cousin, Irene Willey Andersenn. I will post it to see if it is readable. If it isn't I will try typing the information in so we can learn a little about her life.


This is a picture of my cousin Irene Willey that married Glen Andersenn and died when I was only one year old so I never had an opportunity to get to know her. I do have a few faded pages about her that I find very interesting. I believe Irene and my daughter Kathy would be kindred spirits if they had an opportunity to meet. I will try to see if these items will post in a readable format. The sequence is not going to be in order since I am not yet capable of planning and ordering the story line.

Reading with Grandkids

Here is Mema (that is what the grandkids call her) reading Don't let the pigeon drive the bus to her Canada grandkids.

Older Mareeda and Ben Willey

This is a picture of Aunt Mareeda and Uncle Ben Willey on their farm in their golden years. They had eleven children to add to the Boney heritage. Anna Irene was born on 6 Aug 1906 and died on 15 Dec 1927. Margel Doris was born on 21 Aug 1908 and died on 12 Oct 1983. Lawrence Ervin was born on 1 Mar 1910 and died on 6 Mar 2000. Clinton Wayne was born on 7 Oct 1911 and died on 29 Mar 1995. William Marlin was born on 24 Apr 1913 and died on 6 Jan 1925. Ethelyn Ruth was born on 20 May 1915 and died on 19 May 2007. Clyde Edward was born on 21 Jul 1918 and died on 16 May 1971. Clela Lois was born on 8 Dec 1919 and is the only one still living 28 Feb 2009. Robert Stanton was born on 18 May 1921 and died on 13 Sep 1924. Virginia Belle was born on 24 Mar 1923 and died on 15 Mar 1928. Marian Hope was born on 21 Apr 1927 and died on 4 Dec 2002.


This is what Mareeda Boney born 12/13 Nov 1880 in Ritchie County, West Virginia and William Benjamin Willey born 31 May 1879 looked like when they were married on 21 Oct 1905 in Noble County, Ohio.

Canada Grandchildren

In the middle of October Gandma V.O. went for a visit with her Canada Grandbabies!

Miss Amanda had less hair back then.....

Smile for the camera!

Friday, February 27, 2009


GRANDPA AND GREAT-GRANDSON (RENE) - I like this picture of Grandpa because he looks so happy in it. Rene was born on 5 Dec 1927 and Grandpa died 15 May 1936 when he was 82 years old. Rolen Rene Radcliff was the grandson of Grandpa's oldest child, Mareeda. Rene's mother, Irene, was Mareeda's oldest child. Mareeda married Benjamin Willey. Their first child, Anna Irene, was born on 6 Aug 1906. Irene married Glenn Andersenn when she was 18 years old. She was 21 when Rene was born. She died from uremic poison on 15 Dec 1927 when Rene was only 10 days old. He was adopted by Frank and Grace Radcliff and they were kind and loving foster parents to him. Rene died on 5 Mar 2001.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Jacob Boney and Sons

Jacob Boney and Sons

Grandfather, Jacob Boney, was born August 9, 1853 in Washington County, Ohio. This photo was taken at his oldest son Irvin's home. His four sons are standing with him in birth order, oldest to youngest. Irvin born September 21, 1884; John born May 15, 1887; Stanton born September 27, 1897 and Vernon born May 16, 1901. Irvin and John were both born in Ritchie County, West Virginia. Stanton and Vernon were born after Jacob moved his family back to Noble County, Ohio.

Monday, February 2, 2009

My Grandfather Jacob Andrew Boney

This picture of my grandfather, Jacob Andrew Boney, was taken when he was seventy-five years old. He was the son of John Boney and Julia Hipsley. He was born in Lawrence Township, Washington County, Ohio on August 9, 1853. The picture was probably taken about 1928 time frame. I have a couple of other pictures of him and a few impressions that I will post later. He died on May 15, 1936 when he was eighty-tw0 years old.