Saturday, March 14, 2009

Irene Willey item 1

These items of family history of my cousin, Irene Willey Andersenn, were passed on to me from my mother and father. Irene died the year after I was born. Her mother, my aunt Mareeda, was my father's oldest sister.

Irene Willey item 2

More information about my cousin, Irene Willey Andersenn, and her life. Keep reading to the bottom of these posts as part of the story below should be at the top.

Irene Willey item 3

The following scripture references and bits of wisdom were included in her memorial.

Irene Willey item 4

These scrap book items from the newspaper give us more information about Irene and her family.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

This is a poem that Irene's husband, Glenn Andersenn, wrote in memory of her. Glenn died in 1957 and they are both buried side by side in the Dudley Cemetery, Dudley, Noble County, Ohio. This is also where aunt Mareeda and uncle Ben are both buried.


This is a couple of pages of information that has been handed down in my family that helps us to learn a little about our cousin, Irene Willey Andersenn. I will post it to see if it is readable. If it isn't I will try typing the information in so we can learn a little about her life.


This is a picture of my cousin Irene Willey that married Glen Andersenn and died when I was only one year old so I never had an opportunity to get to know her. I do have a few faded pages about her that I find very interesting. I believe Irene and my daughter Kathy would be kindred spirits if they had an opportunity to meet. I will try to see if these items will post in a readable format. The sequence is not going to be in order since I am not yet capable of planning and ordering the story line.