Saturday, January 17, 2009

Great Grandchildren of Jacob Boney and Arminda

The wee ones pictured below with their mothers are great grandchildren of Jacob Boney and Arminda Pyles. The photo was probably taken in the summer of 1940 at Mareeda and Ben Willey's. The following information is written on the back of the photo but has not been verified.

Belva Marshall born May 13, 1913 is holding daughter Mavis Darlene. She was born August 25 1938. Guila Garvin born May 1, 1911. She is showing off Bulah Elaine born in 1940. The youngsters are grandchildren of John and Ina.

The next group of three are descendants of Mareeda and Ben Willey. Clela Lois Delancey born December 8, 1919 is holding daughter Doris born December 4, 1939. Next is Clyde Edward Willey's wife Geraldine Porter. She is holding son Rodger (no birth date given). Olive Parker, wife of oldest son Lawrence Ervin, is holding daughter Lois Marie born October 1939.

Last in the dark dress is Mary Tilton daughter of Irvin and Emmie Boney. She is showing her daughter Donna May born October 21, 1939.

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